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is calling the race for romney. now early exit polls had suggested that romney was leading his rival, rick santorum, in the illinois primary. let's bring in nbc bay area steve handelsman who is tracking everything for us tonight in washington, d.c. steve, good evening to you. romney apparently got what he paid for spending big money in illinois. what's the latest? >> reporter: he has spent big money everywhere, raj. good evening. and it paid off as it has in battleground state after battleground state. this is a triple win for him after michigan and ohio, now illinois. all states rick santorum badly wanted to win, where he did pretty well in the polls and where in the end mitt romney closed and won and it looks like his win in the state of illinois will be a convincing one with 43% of the vote in, this is real tally now not just exit polls. the romney had about 51% of the vote. santorum just 31% of the vote. mitt romney is sell is britti g celebrating. here is what he had to say in illinois. >> years of too many apologies and not enough jobs. historic drops in income and rise in gas price
romney has another win under his belt tonight, thanks to voters in puerto rico. in the u.s. territory, any candidate who wins at least half of the popular vote wins all 20 of the delegates. today's victory padded romney's lead over rick santorum. nbc bay area's brian mooar shows us the fight for the nomination is unlikely to end any time soon. >> reporter: mitt romney is the projected winner of puerto rico's sunday primary. he walks away with 20 delegates and that is a critical step toward slowing rick santorum's momentum. romney was on the ground in tuesday's battleground. illinois. and attacking president obama in his own backyard. >> he's an economic lightweight. he's made decisions that have hurt the american people. it's time to put in place an economic heavyweight, and i am, and i'll get the job done. >> reporter: six days before the louisiana primary, santorum is hoping to hit another home run for focusing on social issues. >> liberty,y, marriage and the family, and life. they're at the core. it can't be ignored. >> reporter: santorum, newt gingrich, and ron paul are all trying
. will mitt romney finally pull ahead of the pack tonight? we've got team coverage because it could make your vote that much more important. >>> and make sure to vote in our nbc bay area flash poll. are you satisfied with the current pool of gop candidates? call or text us at 408-300-9222. text or press one for yes or two for no. we'll have the results coming up. [grunting] (sir can-a-lot) whoa! hello, madame. sir can-a-lot. crusader of flavor. i wanted to make your mac 'n cheese more delicious by adding glorious spam! (woman) that does sound good. glorious. (ancr) break the monotony. for more fun ideas visit (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> the chancellor of uc-berkeley is stepping down at the end of the year. he announced today he is leaving his post after eight years on the job. he was appointed chancellor in 2004 and initially planned on
's decision time in many states. super tuesday. what does it mean for mitt romney? a live report from the battleground state of ohio coming up. black friday. >>> not as grand or super as in years past but critical. 1 states are holding primaries and caucuses on this super tuesday. right now, nbc news is calling six races, declaring mitt romney the winner in virginia, vermont, and massachusetts, where he once was the state's governor. and newt gingrich is the winner in his home state of georgia. no decision in the state considered tonight's big prize, and that's ohio. here's nbc's steve handelsman from columbus. >> reporter: mitt romney cast his ballot late this afternoon in massachusetts. tonight he notched his first super tuesday victory. nbc news project iing romney wi virginia and projecting that newt gingrich wins his home state of georgia. as voters cast their ballots on this super tuesday, in 11 states, ohio was the most watched. in this swing state, many republicans were unenthusiastic, and most were split between the two leading candidates. >> i voted for mitt romney. >> mitt
's customer. >>> and the race for the republican nomination. rick santorum won in kansas, while mitt romney took wyoming. as brian mooar reports, the next significant test comes this tuesday. >> reporter: rick santorum notched another victory and he is making the case, he is the conservative choice. >> and we have to have candidates. a candidate, a nominee. who can get up and and draw a clear contrast. with the president of the united states. >> reporter: rick santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul, the saturday caucuses in kansas and wyoming were another chance to play delegate catch-up, but the contest this next week in alabama and mississippi are about survival. gingrich has to win one or both to keep moving forward. >> it's a big deal. we win alabama and mississippi next tuesday, by next wednesday, this totally wild race will be reset one more time and we will be on the way. >> morning, y'all. >> reporter: for mitt romney, a strong showing in the south is critical to show conservatives he can win. >> this president has not succeeded. he has failed and that's the reason we're going to get
results show mitt romney is in the lead followed by rick santorum and ron paul. and as nbc's bay area's brian mohr reports, romney picked up a key endorsement in ohio. >> in washington state, republicans caucused for first candidates and while the results are nonbinding, it means momentum just three days before super tuesday. and right now, all eyes are on ohio. >> we need a president who knows the economy to fix the economy. >> reporter: and romney rallied the supports this saturday afternoon in dayton. and he picked up the endorsement of ohio's largest newspaper. the plain dealer of cleveland. still, the latest poll show rick santorum seems to have the momentum. >> this is a marathon, not a sprint. we're going to keep working. we're doing well and we feel like this race is narrowing like it should be. >> reporter: while newt gingrich has to win the home state of georgia, ron paul is more interested in adding to his delegate count. and that's what super tuesday is all about. delegates. 419 up for grabs in ten states. that's more than a third of the 1,144 delegates needed to cinch the
. mitt romney will do some fund-raiser here in california. two days of private events are scheduled. romney's rival, rick santorum, is expected at a fund-raiser on thursday in the east bay town of alamo. >>> for a quick check of the weather, we want to check in with rob. what's up? >> less rainy saturday night. you mightave noticed around the hill to the clouds building up. right nows the showers off to the east and a lot of the rain we did see around the trivalley and east of oakland has backed off. the atmosphere is stabilizing. we'll let you know what you can expect as you get back to your workweek. your full seven-day forecast come can go up. >>> coming up next, we'll show you how congregations across the bay area and the country paid tribute to an african-american teenage boy from florida who was shot and killed. >>> the new push to investigate employers who ask for facebook passwords during job interviews. >>> also. >> nobody needs to tell you you did a good job. you know that inside. that's internal. >> it's a feeling this engineer couldn't get from his day job. up next, one
, front-runner, mitt romney will go head-to-head with rick santorum. if santorum wins in ohio, experts say it could change the race dramatically. >> if he wins ohio, he can beat mitt romney. if you are the conservative in a one-on-one match up with a weak front-runner like romney, you have a shot. >> one last gasp for newt gingrich. continues to focus on his home state of georgia. >> president obama reached out to a georgetown university law student slammed by rush limbaugh. law student, sandra fluke, testified in favor of mr. obama's policy requiring church affiliated employers to cover birth control. fluke became a target for limbaugh who controlled her view on free birth control to prostitution. fluke made an appearance and said president obama called her personally this morning with some kind words. >> he said to tell my parents that they should be proud and that meant a lot. because rush limbaugh questioned whether or not my family would be proved me. i just appreciated that very much. >> so far, limbaugh has not apoll japo apo apologized. it's costing him advertising money. sleep ads
republican presidential hopeful mitt romney. romney is appearing at a fund-raiser at a hotel in redwood shores. activists from several different groups are there as well. romney started his campaign swing this morning in san diego. he'll attend more, three more california events tomorrow. rick santorum joins protesters outside the u.s. supreme court building. he also headed west this week with a rally and fund-raiser on thursday at the jelly belly candy company in fairis field. it was a treat but it was a big favorite with another republican you may remember, ronald reagan. >> well, the battle over health care is heating up on capitol hill. the issue is being addressed here in the bay area. local techies are on the case. >> we'll bring in scott budman. scott, what kind of progress are they making? >> reporter: pretty good. more progress than the politicians. new software, new apps developed here to help both you and your company navigate through the fog of health care and to save money. with the health care debate raging in washington -- >> reporter: a roomful of engineers are working i
. >>> the bay area might not be a republican hotbed, but it is filled with money and support for mitt romney. the republican front-runner is coming to town. supporters will host the former massachusetts governor in redwood city on march 26th. now, among romney's prominent supporters, hp's meg whitman, sun microsystems cofounder, mcnealy, and goldman sachs managing director, brad defore. tickets are selling fast, starting at $1,000. >>> well, doing business in the big house. coming up at 6:00, a criminal used of raking in thousands of dollars while he sits behind bars. >>> also, not as rich as you might think. the high-profile list that ma azuckerberg didn't make. >>> i'm stephanie trang in fremont, where students' stories of abuse and depression are popping up on bathroom walls in hopes of encouraging other students to tell their story. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. cool for some and downright warm for others, with some record-setting heat on this monday. 78 in gilroy, morgan hill at 76. and livermore topping out at 75. big changes tomorrow. not o
bay area news. >>> thank you, kimberly. in the race for the white house mitt romney is on his way to illinois after campaigning in puerto rico ahead of tomorrow's primary in the u.s. territory. he shopped for tropical trut and told a small crowd he was support state hood for puerto rico. the territory is holding the primary today for the republican nomination. puerto ricans can vote in the primary but are not allowed to vote in the presidential election in november. romney's visit to puerto rico comes days after rick santorum stirred up controversy there when he said the primary language in puerto rico should be english if the island wants to become a u.s. state. that comment upset some of the supporters and santorum has since tried to back pedal. >> we understand the people from different consult you sures speak different languages but we have a common language and that's what i was saying yesterday and that someone would maliciously write that i said that is really unfortunate. >> voters in missouri are caucuses and the hopefuls are focused on president obama's home state. illin
fren frenzy, everything changes according to the republican presidential candidate mitt romney like an etch-a-sketch. now sales of the toy are way up again thanks to an app in the tech world. >> he said it's like an etch-a-sketch. >> reporter: it's become the political symbol of the season. >> every child's toy. >> reporter: the etch-a-sketch. a toy invented nearly 60 years ago making a huge comeback because of a political comment both in the real world -- >> and we can use the knobs. >> reporter: and the virtual world. yes, there's an app for that, too. >> triple the numbers from the day before. >> reporter: craig holland sells the etch-a-sketch app. >> the numbers are looking really strong today, too. >> reporter: his company has seen downloads spike as people rediscover the etch-a-sketch in a digital way. >> you have to admit i have no idea it was going to blow up like it did and it got so much during the day and we could see our numbers increase. it was actually a wonderful blessing. >> reporter: with a boost from technology, this etch-a-sketch lets you create by touch with pain
to republican presidential candidate makes a comment that romney can shake things off and start all over again like an etch a sketch. that led fellow candidates rick santorum and newt gingrich to mock romney with their own etch a sketches. meanwhile, etch a sketch sales have been on fire. the maker of etch a sketch up 41%. >>> here in the bay area, the average cost of a gallon of gas is $4.39. that's about 30 cents more than this time last month. a new kind of fuel made in the silicon valley is on its way to the test being track, thanks to a global bay area giant and some algae. >> you've seen cars powered by electricity and cars powered by a hybrid gas battery mix. well, here's the fuel of the future. it's algae and it's on its way to your car. >> it all starts with the microalgae. >> that's bob ames of soloz wrrsolozyme, a company that takes algae and makes it into fuel. >> a 77% reduction in life cycle greenhouse gas emissions and a 96% reduction in particularate matter. >> good news for the environment. good news for solozyme? there has just been a commitment to test it in their cars. for
worse instead of better. mitt romney barely campaigned in louisiana but his campaign is airing tv ads in wisconsin. that's the next key fight there on tuesday. >>> and former vice president dick cheney is in the hospital tonight recovering from a heart transplant. he had the surgery today in virginia, we're told. an aide for cheney said he'd been waiting for a transplant for more than 20 months and said the former vice president does not know the identity of his heart donor. the 71-year-old has had a long history of cardiovascular trouble, including multiple heart attacks. >>> and when we come back, mexico welcomes the pope. the turnout a definite answer to question about rome's relevance in that region. >>> and turning up the heat, miami's nba team. the reaction to 17-year-old trayvon martin's death. >>> and we're watching fein rain as wre looking at theasadar ay really turning quite active around the santa clara valley. we'll letou know how much longer we can expect rain and low snow levels, too, in your weekend forecast. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having
victories in alabama and mississippi. despite that raomney is still leading in the delicate count. romney's currently fund-raising in new york and put nearly a million in tv ads in illinois. >>> president obama invited prime minister david cameron to the white house. they discussed four topics. two leaders stressed teamwork as they deal with their shared goals. they outlined plans to help afghani forces take the lead of their country and they also stressed the two countries need to be committed to the mission in afghanistan. >> through the grand sweep of history, throughout all of its twists and turns, there is one constant. the rock solid alliance between the united states and united kingdom. >> the president and the british prime minister say there will be no change to the plan of with drawing international forces from afghanistan by the end of 2014. and among the special guests at the white house for this occasion, the san rafael police officer. check out the pictures tweeted by dan fink. he was selected as one of the twitter users to live twitter the arrival of prime minister cameron.
for grabs. right now polls show mitt romney is ahead of rick santorum in the moderate state and gaining steam ahead of tomorrow's primary. newt thut and ron paul are trailing far behind. search teams have found the body of a hot air balloon pilot three days after his balloon got sucked into a thunderstorm in southern georgia. 63-year-old edward is being praised for his heroic actions on friday night when he took five skydivers up in a balloon, a fast developing storm struck. he spotted a field where the skydivers could parachute to safety and today them to jump. the fierce storm swept them to 18,000 feet in the air before disappearing. so a hero remembered tonight. >> that is remarkable. >> thank you, janelle. >>> still to come, it's sold as a time of incense but people are using it to get high. up next the new health warning for doctors to spot the signs. >>> and albert einstein's softer side. we're getting a peek inside the inventor's love life next. >>> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri, the nbc bay area weather center. we do have some showers off to the north. we're tracking that on ou
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